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An excellent tool to engage in meditation, deepen prayer, or even experience spiritual transformation, a labyrinth is an easy to use, multi-purpose spiritual aid that encourages soulful habits and spiritual awakening.



Each labyrinth is crafted at the hands of our master engineer, Jim. With his meticulous attention to detail and desire for perfection, these labyrinths are truly striking meditation tools that you can enjoy both in your practice and as meditation room or office decor.



These labyrinths have two unique sizes and centers prepared for immediate shipping, but don't worry! If you do not see a center you like, you can reach out to our team at to inquire about customizing the center of your future labyrinth. 



Our 5.5" labyrinth is excellent for travel, no matter whether you are spending time on retreat, going to the park, or simply enjoying time to yourself in your living room. At just 0.5" thick, the labyrinth is easy to hold and comfortable in the hand as you journey to your center.

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Originating in fifth century B.C., a labyrinth, unlike a maze with its many blocked paths, is a single, winding path, with no trick ends. Thought to represent one’s journey in life, this unicursal, 11-circuit path can be a wonderful tool to assist in calming one’s heart, mind, and soul. Simply place your finger (or your stylus) at the beginning of the path and begin your journey to the center.

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