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OUR mission

The Craft Mills LLC is a small, family owned business specializing in handcrafted products that inspire joy in the hearts and homes of our customers.



Made with the highest quality materials; we put all the love and passion we have into each and every one of our products hoping that one day they'll make their way into your hearts and find a place in your home.

Whether it's a wooden labyrinth from our master engineer, Jim, a specialty wreath from our crafting savant, Laurie, or a meditation cube from their craft happy daughter, Marissa, each piece is meticulously crafted to make our customers happy.

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We are proud supporters of our community and some of our best selling products (including our labyrinths!) are made from natural materials sourced right here in Northwest, Ohio and the Great Lakes Region.


in hearts & homes

Everyone deserves to experience joy when they can,

and we like to think that we can help with that through

our vast array of products made for YOU.

Shop our extensive home décor ranging from wreaths

and swags to table centerpieces, or checkout our

adorable stationary sure to make anyone smile.


And if you're still not intrigued, check out spiritual section where you can find our fine, handcrafted, wooden labyrinths or our one-of-a-kind labyrinth cubes, excellent for on-the-go meditation.


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