5 Reasons You Need to Be Using Canva Pro

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I’m sure you’ve seen those awesome pins on Pinterest that make you click right on the image with very little hesitation to get to the content, but did you know that most of these awesome images are made in Canva? That’s right! Canva is a blogger’s best friend if you want to create quality images that convert readers to leads for your business. But let’s talk about why.

5 reasons you need to be using to Canva Pro to grow your blog and create good graphics that convert readers to leads.


#1 It's Easy to Use

Canva is made for beginners and pros alike, all it takes is the simple click of a mouse to create stunning images from nothing.

#2 It comes with 50,000+ Templates

How many times have you looked at another blogger’s images and thought to yourself 'I wish I could do that'? Well now you can! Most bloggers are either using templates from Canva or selling their own Canva templates so you can use them too, which means you really can create those awesome images and files. What’s better is you can easily customize these templates so they work for you and your business! 


But if you’re not convinced yet, check out these other awesome reasons to upgrade.


#3 It also comes with more than 4 million photos and graphics

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The free Canva account is fine… if you want to be using the same images as everyone else. But if you’re looking to be a bit more professional and unique, you’ll regret not upgrading to Canva Pro. By upgrading you have access to a much larger image database which can give you an edge over your competition to create unique, attention grabbing images for your content.

By the way, if you’re doubting the accuracy of this, go ahead and create at least five graphics using images that come from the basic Canva account and use Pinterest’s visual search tool to see just how many other pins are using those images.

Oh, and one more thing! Because Canva comes with it's own stock of photos and other graphics, you don't need to subscribe to other image stock websites or makers which can save you money.


#4 You get to use the brand kit - My favorite tool!

#5 It has the oh-so-handy one-click-resize tool

Now let me spend a few moments telling you about how awesome the brand kit is. It’s so awesome that I use it on virtually every image I create. The purpose of the tool is to create consistent images, and it helps by providing you with three tools:

Logos - This area allows you to upload your logo so it can be easily accessed across all projects.

Colors - This section lets you set multiple color palettes so you can work on multiple different projects at once and not have to manually enter the colors every time you need to change them. 

Fonts - This area allows you to set 3 fonts (a header, subheader, and body font) so again, you don’t have to manually search for them. You can even upload your own fonts or fonts from outside the program (if you have permission).

The main point here is that the brand kit allows for more efficient consistency across all your images and as we all know, time is money when it comes to marketing.

If you’re like me, and most other media creators, you post on all sorts of social media platforms. Well, how great would it be to just use the same base image across all platforms and just customize them as needed for each platform?

Well, now you can with the one-click resize tool. All you have to do is build your image for one of the platforms, download or publish it, and resize it to move onto the next. This way the images are the perfect size every time, and you can add and remove content to focus on each platform as needed.

So go on, head on over to Canva by clicking here and get started streamlining your image creation process today.


And if you need a little help figuring it out in the beginning, or if you want to see what it’s like before you buy, check out my Canva Pro for Beginners workshop where we go over:


  • Creating an account

  • How to navigate the platform

  • How to use the design tools available

  • Creating your first graphic

  • Publishing your first graphic

How to use Canva Pro for Beginners

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5 reasons you need to be using to Canva Pro to grow your blog and create good graphics that convert readers to leads.
5 reasons you need to be using to Canva Pro to grow your blog and create good graphics that convert readers to leads.
5 reasons you need to be using to Canva Pro to grow your blog and create good graphics that convert readers to leads.