How to Pick a Stellar Blog Name

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Have you ever caught yourself singing a jingle you heard in a commercial? ​ Well, I have. In fact, even though Kyle would be embarrassed on my behalf about this, I’m quite partial to the ‘my hiney’s clean, I’m Charmin, shiny clean’. So much so that I don’t even need to see the commercials to start singing it anymore. Nope, I can just be washing the dishes, making the bed, typing this… and I just start singing it. Now, to me, this is the mark of good advertising, and it is this idea that I want you to keep in mind as we begin talking about how to pick the perfect name for your blog.

But before we begin, let’s talk about why picking your name is important. Picking a good business name is important because people prefer to be able to reasonably assume what you do based on your name. If you pick a name that has nothing to do with what your profession is, people will have no idea what you do and usually pass you right on by. To explain further, let’s look at an example.

Jenny owns a business called Jenny’s Bake Shop. ​ Carl also owns a business and calls it Carl's Place. Now, if you were new to town and in the market for delicious baked goods, and the names were all you knew, which of these two businesses would you make your way to? ​I’d hope your answer was Jenny’s business. ​ Now I have one more twist for you. ​ Jenny and Carl's businesses are in the same shopping plaza, and when you pull up to their shared parking lot, the first thing you see is a big store with huge glass windows, and lots of beautiful and decadent cakes, pies, and cookies inside. ​ Automatically your brain starts thinking this is Jenny's place because there's no name on the outside of the building and you see cupcakes, but you'd be wrong. This is Carl's Place, and when you step inside you're welcomed warmly by several local residents and Carl himself. ​ What happened here?​ ​ Branding and marketing is what happened here. Jenny may have had the more obvious name, but because of Carl's ability to create such a warm and welcoming environment that brought people back time after time, Jenny's business was blown out of the water. ​ So, if Carl was able to build a really great bakery without having his industry or product type in his business name, how come so much importance is put on your business name?​ ​ The answer here is because your business name is how you differentiate yourself from your competition.

What if Jenny's store front looked identical to Carl's and her business name was displayed at the top in large, well lit letters? Would you have been drawn to her store because you already knew her name or would you just have picked the unidentified building? Chances are, you'd have chosen Jenny's business. ​ For another example I want you to think back to Charmin… They’re a toilet paper company, but that’s kind of a taboo topic among society so not having 'toilet paper' in their name was a wise decision. They're smart cookies over at Charmin. But by not including 'toilet paper' in their name, the question they would have had to face at some point is how to convey to the public what their business is about. One of the ways they tackle that issue today is with the (really catchy) jingle that makes it okay to say their name AND talk about what they do. Now, the reason I bring up Jenny and Carl, and Charmin, is to let you know that there are no hard or fast rules to naming your business. It's a personal decision. ​ But if you're looking for some tips and tricks to help you name your blog, there's one more example I want to throw your way.

Lisa owns an e-commerce business called Based on this name can you reasonably guess what Lisa does for a living? She makes lilies out of paper. So why is this clever? First, she used alliteration which is a common method used to help people remember things. Second, Lisa did a play on words by referring to her paper lilies which never die, as ‘lingering’ lilies. Third, Lisa made sure her business name was easy to sound out and therefore easy to spell for tho