An Esthetician's Rolling Beauty Guide

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As an Esthetician, I am very picky about what I use in my beauty routine and in this post we'll break down all my favorite brands, products, tools, and routines so you can discover your next beauty staple. ​ Now keep in mind, this is a revolving post and will be added to over several weeks time. So be sure to check back frequently so you stay up to date and don't miss a thing. ​

My Favorite Beauty Tools

Embroidery Scissors I know, I know, you're wondering how on earth embroidery scissors can be useful as a beauty tool, but I promise they're great. ​ I use them for trimming my eyebrows and the darker mustache hairs at the corners of my mouth because they are small enough to get close to the brow without over-cutting and they're great for navigating the contours of the mouth. ​ They're also great if you have sensitive skin and can't or don't wax. ​ Just be careful and maybe buy a cap or make one out of hot glue because these scissors are very small and very sharp which results in lots and lots of holes in your makeup bag. ​ Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm specific and prefer embroidery scissors over plain facial scissors, the answer is because it seems like the plain facial scissors I've used in the past dull fairly quickly and aren't as fine tuned so the cut is a bit rougher than I prefer.

Tweezerman Tweezers

In my opinion, you cannot beat the old stand buy of Tweezerman tweezers.

These little guys are a staple in my makeup bag due to the small and pointed 'nose' allowing me to be more precise than the flat or slanted ones allow. And when you don't trust others to wax you due to some bad experiences, you need a little precision in your life.

Plus, these tweezers are also amazing at helping work out ingrown hairs without disturbing the skin too much which I love. No one needs ingrown hair bumps near their brows.