60 Blog Topics for Beginners

10 Topics for 6 Different Niches


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Are you trying to get your blog ready to launch but struggling to come up with content ideas? I know the feeling. That’s why after months of research and finally finding the magic answer to building content, I’ve provided this list of 10 free content ideas for six different and popular blog niches to get you started. 


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Blogs about Blogging

How to Start a Blog

Blog Topics for Beginners

How to Brand Your Blog

Income Reports

Blogging Tools and Resources

How to Blog Legally

Email List Building Tips

How to Make Money Blogging

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Opt In Freebie Ideas


Lifestyle Blog

Healthy Habits for Women

Self Care Routines

Work-space Showcase

How to Stay Organized

Date Night Ideas

Money Saving Tips

Fun Things to do in [Your City or Area]

Fun Things to do in [Fall/Winter/Summer/Spring]

A Roundup of Your Favorite Books

The Apps You Can’t Live Without


Beauty Blog

Your Holy Grail [Makeup/Skin/Hair/Nail] Products

Your Favorite [Makeup/Skin/Hair/Nail] Drugstore Products

Your Favorite [Makeup/Skin/Hair/Nail] Application Tools

[Event] Inspired [Makeup\Hair/Nail] Looks

Are You Using the Right Products for Your [Skin/Hair/Nail] Type

Your Favorite Niche Influencers

Your Everyday [Makeup/Skin/Hair] Routine

Bust a Myth about [Makeup/Hair/Skin/Nail] Techniques

Trends of the Year

[Store/Product Name] Haul

Hi there!

I'm Marissa,

a dreamer, doer, and entrepreneur, and I'm here to help you achieve

all your wildest dreams of crafting

a life you love and a creative business you can be proud of.



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Mommy Blog

Breastfeeding Tips

Your Biggest Parenting Failure and How You Turned it Around

Your Favorite Mom Quotes

How You Stay Organized

Your Mommy Goals

Your Favorite Parenting Hacks

Mommy Makeover Ideas

Awesome Children’s Crafts

Your Funniest Parenting Moment

Your Favorite Parenting Memes


Financial Blog

Money Management

Money Saving Tips

How to Make Money Blogging

Financial Planning

The Best Credit Cards for Millenials

Favorite TED Talks about Money

How to Start Investing

How to Budget

How to Pay Off Debt

The Best Financial Planning Apps


Travel Blog

You Favorite Travel Quotes

Travel Outfits for [Location]

How to Take Awesome Travel Photography

Your Travel Essentials

Your Favorite Travel Destinations

How to Travel Cheap

How to Travel with a Baby

How to Travel Light

How to Get Around [Destination]

How to Fold Clothes when Travelling

 I hope this list works to inspire you and if you build an article from any of these ideas I’d love for you to link them below so I can pop on over for a visit.

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60 Blog Topics for Beginners

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